ESL Classes

Rice Tutoring also provides private English as a Second Language (ESL) conversation classes.

Lindsay Rice completed a graduate certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from The University of Kansas, Summer 2019.

These classes are held in a business location, café or convenient public location, or online due to safety.

ESL Classes include:

* Daily conversation

* Business conversation and writing

*American culture study

*Idiomatic English

ESL Student Testimonials

“Lindsay is serious, hardworking, energetic, and encouraging.   She loves to help students have fun while they learn English!”

“I think Lindsay is a very wonderful teacher, because her way of teaching is easy to understand and her lessons are very fun!” (N. Oka)

“Lindsay is the best teacher ever!” (K. Kawaii)

“Whenever I studied in her class, I felt as if I was a high school girl.  My heart was beating at the time of examination.  It was so pleasant for me!” (M. Mituhashi)

“I was in Lindsay’s class for 16 months.  I think Lindsay-sensei is a dedicated teacher because she encouraged me to study English much harder than before.  I fully realized that I was really lucky to learn English conversation from Lindsay-sensei.  Thank you very much for being a wonderful teacher.” (K. Kogure)

“I think Lindsay is a distinguished teacher, because she always thinks about effective teaching.  Her lessons are always exciting and fun!” (M. Mituhashi)

“When you came to our class, at first I was a little nervous, but your smile made me happy soon.” (T. Saito)

Gallery of Classes from in Yokohama, Japan 2011-2013

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