ESL Classes

Rice Tutoring also provides private English as a Second Language (ESL) conversation classes.

Lindsay Rice completed a graduate certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from The University of Kansas, Summer 2019.

These classes are held in a business location, café or convenient public location, or online due to safety.

ESL Classes include:

* Daily conversation

* Business conversation and writing

*American culture study

*Idiomatic English

ESL Student Testimonials

“Lindsay is serious, hardworking, energetic, and encouraging.   She loves to help students have fun while they learn English!”

“I think Lindsay is a very wonderful teacher, because her way of teaching is easy to understand and her lessons are very fun!” (N. Oka)

“Lindsay is the best teacher ever!” (K. Kawaii)

“Whenever I studied in her class, I felt as if I was a high school girl.  My heart was beating at the time of examination.  It was so pleasant for me!” (M. Mituhashi)

“I was in Lindsay’s class for 16 months.  I think Lindsay-sensei is a dedicated teacher because she encouraged me to study English much harder than before.  I fully realized that I was really lucky to learn English conversation from Lindsay-sensei.  Thank you very much for being a wonderful teacher.” (K. Kogure)

“I think Lindsay is a distinguished teacher, because she always thinks about effective teaching.  Her lessons are always exciting and fun!” (M. Mituhashi)

“When you came to our class, at first I was a little nervous, but your smile made me happy soon.” (T. Saito)

Gallery of Classes from in Yokohama, Japan 2011-2013

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Writing Services

Rice Tutoring provides high-quality editing and proofreading services, short business and creative writing assignments and website content editing. Documents are submitted in Microsoft Word over email. All changes and comments are tracked and highlighted using the Microsoft Word review program or shared Google Docs.


Individual Tutoring Sessions Curriculum to be completed in 4 to 10 sessions.

The more sessions scheduled, the more in-depth the exposure, study and practice can be.

When I work with students, I base actual lesson plans on individual needs. Curricula will incorporate the following focuses based on students’ needs and use texts in a variety of literary genres and writing styles including classic and contemporary literature. Students will progress to the next grade level when they master the current one.

Please schedule here

Lucky Rice Field Tutoring also provides the following services:

* Reading comprehension

* Writing composition

* Proofreading and editing

* Creative writing

* Speech preparation and practice

* English usage skills

* Reading Plus education and program guidance

* SAT/ACT test preparation and practice

* College application essays

* General homework assistance

* Work habits, study skills and time management

* Homeschooling guidance and teaching

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“I enjoy helping students unlock their creativity while strengthening and polishing their academic ability.”

Skype Lessons

Lucky Rice Field provides online individual tutoring sessions for students located in the Kansas City area as well as other locations including vacation destinations and college campuses.  Students meet with Lindsay for face to face sessions, scheduled the same as regular tutoring sessions.  This is a great option when travel and scheduling present challenges, or to extend support to out-of-state college students.

Online sessions use Google Docs and Skype chat for a variety of interactive work.

More evening lessons are available through Skype.

A headset or quiet environment and reliable internet connection are necessary.

2023 Online Tutoring

Individualized Online Education

Rice Tutoring will be available for individual tutoring sessions through the school year and into summer. Rice Tutoring will continue to operate completely online.

Individualized sessions allow tutor Lindsay Rice to formulate education plans around a student’s existing school curriculum and/ or create a supplementary curriculum to support each student in gaining the necessary reading, writing, test prep and application essay support they need.

Please schedule by contacting: (913) 328-2396

Small Group Classes 

These classes are formed among school, family or friend groups of students that are of similar grade and skill level and want to create a more socially active learning environment. The following classes are possible and must be created by parents, students or guardians:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Essay Writing
  • ACT English Test Prep
  • Creative Writing

All small group classes are held once a week for 4 weeks. Classes are one hour in length. Computer/ internet access required. All classes $125 prepaid, includes 4 classes and homework. Class size minimum: 2 students/ maximum: 4 students. Group classes and schedules pre-formed by a family or school group.

For more information or to schedule a group class, please contact

Lindsay Rice: (913) 328-2396

Some classic literature I like to read and discuss with students.

About Lucky Rice Field

Run by Lindsay Rice Yoshida, a native English speaker, with an honors degree in English, Lucky Rice Field provides private and tutoring services, standardized test prep. small group English classes, editing and writing services, and English Language Coaching.  Lessons use a variety of high-quality materials and are customized to students’ needs. Improving and enhancing your English can be fun and rewarding with Lucky Rice Field.