Ms. Rice holds an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Writing from the University of Iowa; famous for its English programs. At Iowa she participated in the Undergraduate Creative Writing Track and held a 4.11 English courses GPA.  She also completed a Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from The University of Kansas. Her hometown is Prairie Village, Kansas, and she was a lifer (k-12) at the Pembroke Hill School where she was also a substitute teacher in the Upper School English Department and a presenter in the Middle School.

In 2013 she returned to Kansas after living in Japan for three years.  In Japan, she taught in both conversation schools and high schools in Kanagawa Prefecture. Currently, she resides in the Colorado Rocky Mountains conducive to her work as a novelist and poet, and works with students all over the country using online platforms. Ms. Rice provides tutoring services in reading and writing, standardized test prep, small group and individual ELA classes, editing and writing services, home school education, and English language coaching.  Lessons use a variety of high-quality materials and are customized to students’ needs.

“In the summer school classes Lindsay and I taught together, she was both empathetic and conscientious, one of the rare breed of teachers who works to make sure every student understands what she is teaching.  And, students just loved her!” 

~Dr.  Val Ostarch (Retired veteran teacher at Pembroke Hill School)


“I wholeheartedly recommend Lindsay Rice for your child’s educational needs. My daughter struggled all through elementary and middle school and was just “passed along”, I felt. Once we decided to do an on-line high school and Lindsay came on board as her tutor, I felt for the first time my daughter was really learning. Her grades improved dramatically and her attitude towards herself and school was so much more positive than it had ever been. Lindsay is very patient, but at the same time has been firm in her belief of how much my daughter is capable of doing and pushed when necessary.” ~Michelle A., Leawood, KS

“Lindsay was essential in helping our daughter organize her time, develop study strategies and write essays in high school. Today our daughter is in her second year in college. Her freshman year, she was thrilled with her college courses but she found the expectations challenging. She learned quickly college professors assume you’re able to complete assignments and that you’ll seek support if you’re not. The sudden independence was frightening. We brought Lindsay back on as a tutor. The two of them skyped twice a week. They broke down long -term assignments into short – term deadlines. They devised study techniques for exam preparation. The system worked beautifully and it has made a huge difference helping our daughter make the challenging transition from high school to college. Lindsay kept working with our daughter until every assignment was done. She’d work extra hours. She’d send reminders and encouragement – keeping in touch via text, email and phone. She is not only a bright and talented tutor but is patient, listens and cares about her students as people.” ~L.Z.D., Prairie Village, KS

“We found Lindsay a few summers ago when we were looking for an enrichment teacher for my daughter who is always writing stories. In the past few years, Ms. Rice has unlocked my daughter’s potential in creative writing. Together they have explored classic literature, poetry, letter writing, advertisements, short stories and much more. I have enjoyed reading the stories and poems written and love that my daughter looks forward to her weekly sessions. I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend working with Lindsay!”
~R.G., Overland Park, KS

“Writing and reading comprehension have never been my daughter’s favorite or best subjects. As she progressed from middle school to high school, it became apparent that she would benefit with tutoring.  I searched for a tutor with strong knowledge in current core standards. Ms.Rice has definitely been the tutor my daughter needed. We have used Ms.Rice’s services for nearly two years and she has definitely made a difference in my daughter’s attitude and comprehension scores. Ms.Rice is very much one that is firm, gives positive reinforcement and encouragement, Respectfully” ~ B.F. Overland Park, KS