Whispering Prairie Press

Lindsay Rice is currently the Vice President of Whispering Prairie Press.

Whispering Prairie Press promotes poetry, prose, and visual art by fostering a community of emerging and established writers and artists. Founded in 1994, we publish Kansas City Voices, a magazine that highlights regional talent and welcomes creative work from around the globe.

Based in Kansas City, Whispering Prairie Press was founded in 1991. Deborah Shouse and Carolyn Riddle, co-leaders of the Kansas City Writers Group at that time, wanted to publish an anthology of writings by the group members. They asked Sally Whitney to be in charge of this project.

Whitney invited various members of The Kansas City Writers Group to be a part of the planning committee. The committee met over lunch following each group session to plan the anthology and vote on names. Suggestions varied, and they chose Whispering Prairie Press.