Individual Tutoring Sessions Curriculum to be completed in 4 to 10 sessions.

The more sessions scheduled, the more in-depth the exposure, study and practice can be.

When I work with students, I base actual lesson plans on individual needs. Curricula will incorporate the following focuses based on students’ needs and use texts in a variety of literary genres and writing styles including classic and contemporary literature. Students will progress to the next grade level when they master the current one.

Lucky Rice Field Tutoring also provides the following services:

* Reading comprehension

* Writing composition

* Proofreading and editing

* Creative writing

* Speech preparation and practice

* English usage skills

* Reading Plus education and program guidance

* SAT/ACT test preparation and practice

* College application essays

* General homework assistance

* Work habits, study skills and time management

* Homeschooling guidance and teaching

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“I enjoy helping students unlock their creativity while strengthening and polishing their academic ability.”